My Painful Headaches Are Not a Thing Anymore

I was told that I should try botox for my headaches. Apparently the bacteria in the botox is good for headaches when it is injected in the forehead. I do not like needles because they scare me, and I also have really bad anxiety so I did not think keeping my eyes open and having little needles injecting things into my forehead was going to be a good idea. I heard chiropractors were very good for helping people with their headaches and I thought that if I did not want to try to the procedure where they put tiny needles into your forehead, that this would be better. I figured the only thing that I would be out would be the money that I would pay to the doctor’s office for my visit. I knew that my insurance was going to only allow me to go a certain number of visits a year.

I do not think that it is fair that the insurance companies only allow you to go to a chiro a certain number of times in a year because you know that they would not do this if it was your primary care doctor. If this were a doctor that is a medical doctor and not one of chiropractic, it would be very different. I do not think that it is fair that the insurance companies are definitely in with the medical side, and not always the alternative side of health care. Many people do like the chiro for various reasons and I can tell you that I know first hand that there are many people who go and do need more than thirty visits per year. I end up making the visits stretch out but it is not easy to do so all of the time with back problems and headaches.