My Crazy Back Pain That Comes and Goes and Gets Worse and Better

Pain is very subjective. They ask you in the hospital to rate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10. A stubbed toe might feel like a 2 or three to some and a 10 or higher to others. I know a man who worked with a broken back. I have no idea how he managed that. He, apparently, did not find out until days later that the pain he was having was because his back was broken. Can you imagine? I go to my West Phoenix chiropractor as soon as my neck and back pain starts to flare up. It gets really bad for me at times. I can go for months without any problems, then it will just hit me suddenly.

I have heard of people throwing out their backs just bending to reach for something. One of those slips in the mud where your foot slides a few inches and you jerk your muscles to not fall can result in debilitating back pain the next day. My back can hurt me so bad I can barely move just by sleeping in an uncomfortable position or on an uncomfortable mattress. Spending the night at a relative or friend’s house can wreak havoc on my back or actually make it feel better. It depends on the bed. My wife can sleep well anywhere. I tell her that she could sleep well on concrete in the pouring rain during and earthquake and she would wake up feeling fine. I could sleep on a brand new memory foam mattress and wake up hardly able to crawl out of bed one day and feeling fine the next.

I rely on my West Phoenix chiropractor to keep me working. Without access to the adjustments and therapy when I need it, I would have to quit my job or get fired for being unable to do the work.