A Little Pain Won’t Stop Me

My granddaughter was playing in the school Christmas concert for the first time, and I couldn’t wait to see her. She plays the clarinet, and had been practicing Christmas songs all month long for the big day. The day before the concert, my back started giving me trouble. I went to the San Francisco chiropractors office in the nick of time and received treatment so that I could still make the concert. I would have dragged myself to the concert in a full body cast if I needed to, but I figured I should at least make an attempt to get help.

On the day of the concert, I was excited, but my granddaughter was nervous. Since it was her first time, she was afraid that she would make a mistake in front of everyone and they would all start laughing at her. I told her that everything would be fine, but she just couldn’t shake the thought of playing the wrong note. When it came time for the students to play, they all raised their instruments and started going through the music, note by note. My granddaughter was playing beautifully, and I was recording the entire thing with my camera.

After the students stopped playing, the entire audience gave them a standing ovation. Later that night, my granddaughter told me that she messed up on one of the notes. I told her that I didn’t even notice it, and the audience probably didn’t either, because they were cheering and applauding as if nothing had happened. I was proud of her for playing so well, and for not giving up, even after she missed a note. Courage kept her from giving up after that one note. She became determined to be even better for the next concert, vowing to never miss a note.