My Doctor Was Wrong About My Options

For about 6 months, I had extreme pain in my lower back that reached down the back of one of my legs and stopped right above the back of my knee. I figured that I had a pinched nerve and that it would soon go away if I did some stretches and was patient. It didn’t get better, though. A Cumming chiropractor helped me to get by more easily after I learned that I have sciatica. I was originally diagnosed by my physician, and my physician told me there was no help at all other than using a pain prescription continuously or having surgery. I’m only 42 years old, so I was having trouble wrapping my head around his diagnosis.

There was nothing specific that I did to cause the sciatica to come about. I just woke up one morning and found myself soon complaining about back pain by the time that I reached my office a couple of hours later. Within days, I had constant pain shooting down the back of my leg as well. This caused me to limp every time I stood up to walk, and I felt it it made me look far older than I really am. After 3 weeks of that, I left my doctor’s office feeling really hopeless about the situation. I knew that other people who have the same issue have said they have never been able to find any relief.

I had a really hard time believing that I was going to need to spend the rest of my life in constant pain. As someone in my 40s, I hope to live to my eighties like many people do in today’s times. That is far too long to live life in pain during every waking moment. I began researching to see what my other options are, and that’s when I read that there are people who do find relief when they go see a chiropractor. I will always have the problem, but it is now much more bearable now that I’ve gone to see one.